Dharma Teas Bali


White tea is the least processed of all the teas. Like the terms “Black Tea” and “Green Tea”, White tea refers more to the color of the dry leaf and the processing method than to the color of the infusion. White tea is generally comprised of the very best tea leaves, the most extreme buds. The young leaves are simply steamed then dried while no oxidizing, rolling or firing occurs like most other teas.

Paimu Tan - Indonesia
Made entirely by hand, Paimu Tan is traditionally cultivated in the finest gardens of the Fujian province in China. Our version comes from a rehabilitated garden in Sumatra where the tea pickers meticulously pluck each leaf set to contain a bud and two leaves. The exceptional quality can be seen in the dry and wet leaf by the large amount of downy fur on leaves. Elegant yet earthy, it yields a pale straw-colored cup with alluring herbal aromatics.

Sunda Silver Needles - Java, Indonesia
Hand-picked and processed in the highlands of West Java, this very special tea is made from the unopened buds of tea bushes which, when dried, resemble silver needles. Production is extremely limited as the buds must be plucked individually at precisely the right moment. The result is a light and floral cup with a surprisingly voluptuous mouthfeel and subtle notes of licorice root and roasted hazelnuts.