Dharma Teas Bali


Oolong Tea is the second most oxidized tea - between 20 to 80% depending on the tea desired. The partial oxidation gives Oolong Tea a lighter color than black teas. Oolong as well as Green Tea are the teas of choice in China, the birthplace of these teas and where their processing has been refined over hundreds of years.

Telaga Oolong - Java, Indonesia
Our organically grown Telaga Oolong is lightly oxidized to create a fresh and fragrant oolong style. The result of careful cultivation and processing, its distinctive character is reminiscent of the famous Formosa oolongs of Taiwan. Light-bodied and refreshing with fruity notes, it benefits from a lovely silky mouthfeel. A top-quality Indonesian oolong.

Broken Oolong - Java, Indonesia
A heady oolong brew from an inspiring Indonesian tea garden. Our Broken Oolong is made with premium broken-leaf tea which undergoes a medium oxidation. The result is a naturally strong cup with subtle notes of toasted grain. Delicious on its own and even better paired with fresh sushi!