Dharma Teas Bali

Yunnan - China

This is a Puerh tea known for centuries to have many curative properties, including curing a hangover and lowering cholesterol. An earthy flavor is characteristic of Puerhs in general and we have chosen this particular one for its smooth, sweet aftertaste.

Ginger Black

For our take on this popular blend, we use pure, dried ginger pieces, as opposed to natural or artificial flavoring to infuse our black tea with nothing but real ginger flavor. The purity shines through creating a subtle, yet distinctly sharp, spicy ginger flavor that is balanced with the smoothness of the premium black tea base.

Ti Kuan Yin – China

(Iron Goddess of Mercy) One of the most revered Chinese oolong teas. This tea has a delicate, mild flavor resembling the aroma of orchids which lingers on the palate long after drinking – this tea is an indulgence for the senses.