Dharma Teas Bali


Green Tea is the general classification for tea that is either minimally oxidized or not oxidized at all.
Green Tea is generally more vegetal or earthy in flavor and is lighter and cleaner than most other teas. China is the main producer of Green Teas with a selection in the hundreds while Japan only produces only Green Tea but with less variety.
Like our Blended Black Teas, our Blended Green Teas have been carefully blended to create a well-balanced tea with all the ingredients complimenting rather than overpowering each other as is the case in lower quality teas.
Green teas are a great way to relax and revitalize while enjoying the health-giving benefits found in every cup.


Golden Leaf - Java, Indonesia
An Indonesian green tea in a class of its own. Our Golden Leaf is a whole-leaf tea produced from only the top three leaves of the tea bush. Great care is taken during the roasting process to keep the large but young leaves perfectly intact. The result is an elegant yet full-bodied cup with aromas of green apple, white flowers and rice. Try it once and we’re sure you’ll be hooked!

Konacha - Java, Indonesia
Deep, vegetal and powerful. Our Konacha is a broken-leaf green tea made in the same way as Japanese sencha. We source this distinctive tea from one of the only gardens in Java to grow Japanese tea varietals and carefully steam the leaves for that unmistakable sencha flavor. Brew no longer than 1.5 minutes and pair with Japanese cuisine for maximum enjoyment.

Telaga Green - Java, Indonesia
Grown in the cool highlands of West Java, our Telaga Green is hand-harvested and carefully roasted in the style of traditional Chinese green teas. The result is a high-quality whole leaf tea with a subtle earthy aroma. Light-bodied and refreshing with a surprisingly silky mouthfeel, this a very drinkable green tea.

Gunpowder - Java, Indonesia
This unmistakably smoky green tea earned its name from the gunpowder-like appearance of the dry, balled-up leaves. True or not, it is thanks to the tightly rolled leaves that this tea stays fresh for longer —which made it a popular export from China in days gone past. Our locally produced Gunpowder yields a bold, refreshing cup with an earthy, smoky aroma and refreshing astringency.

Sencha Dewata - Java, Indonesia
Our take on Japan’s much-loved sencha. Produced from Japanese varietal tea plants grown in Java, our Sencha Dewata yields a light and refreshing cup with a mild grassy flavor that’s characteristic of steamed green teas. It’s the perfect palate cleanser for Japanese food. Try it over ice for a refreshing afternoon thirst-quencher.


Jasmine - China
Scenting tea with jasmine flowers is a practice that dates back to 5th-century China. And like the jasmine teas of old, our modern version is admired for its unmistakable perfume and delicate flavor. Using fine green tea as the base, it yields a floral and beautifully balanced cup with an elegant jasmine character. Enjoy it on its own or pair it with a sweet pastry.

Moroccan Mint
Our version of Morocco’s most loved beverage is a blend of fine Javanese green tea and imported spearmint. Fragrant and refreshing with just a gentle hum of caffeine, it is a great midday mood booster. Try it over ice with a sprig of mint and you’ll have an elegant iced tea.

Lemongrass Green - Indonesia
A beguiling blend of zesty lemongrass and delicate green tea, with a gentle hum of ginger on the finish. Our Lemongrass Green is made with slices of dried Bali-grown lemongrass and ginger and fine green tea from Java. It infuses into a fragrant tea with exotic spice notes softened by the delicate green tea flavor. Serve over ice for ultimate refreshment.

Cardamom Green - Indonesia
Earthy-sweet cardamom and crisp green tea come together beautifully in this refreshing Dharma blend. We source fine Indonesian green tea from a garden in the cool highlands of West Java and add pure pieces of Bali-grown cardamom for a 100% natural flavor. The cooling menthol character from the cardamom makes this tea a great palate cleanser just as it is. Or enjoy it as a chai with milk and sugar.

Ginger Green - Indonesia
A mood-enhancing mélange of green tea and ginger. Our Ginger Green contains real slivers of dried, Bali-grown ginger with a base of fine green tea from West Java. It yields a fragrant and beautifully balanced cup with a smooth, vegetal body and spicy ginger kick. Versatile enough to be served hot or over ice.

Genmaicha - Indonesia
A blend of refined Indonesian green tea and roasted rice, our Genmaicha has a nutty character with an enjoyable, smooth mouthfeel and full body. Traditionally made to stretch supplies of green tea, Genmaicha has gained a loyal following and has seen increasing demand among consumers due to its approachability. While certainly enjoyable hot, this tea also makes a refreshing iced tea.