Dharma Teas Bali

How to Serve Tea

Traditionally, different teas are served in different ways. There are however, basics that every method employs and that can be used as a basis for finding a method that works for you.


There are three main items that are required to serve tea properly:
1. A tea pot to brew the tea.
2. A means of removing the tea from the resulting infusion.
3. A cup to drink the tea.
Simple really. Based on these three requirements, there are many methods and tools used to prepare tea. We hope to work closely with you to assist in finding the best method for your staff to prepare tea.


Water quality can drastically affect tea flavor. Tea brewed with water that is heavy with minerals or that has been chemically treated will be very watery. Water that has a natural smell or flavor will also detract from the flavor of the tea. We suggest that only quality mineral water is used.


One of the most important factors in the serving of a product is the server herself. The attitude and the server's knowledge of the product can have a big impact on the customers experience. We at Dharma Teas are committed to educating those serving our teas so that the customers will have a more pleasurable cup of tea.