Dharma Teas Bali


Black tea is the worlds most popular tea. Only black tea is oxidized 100% through a process of crushing the leaves and exposing them to warm moist air for a specified time. This process gives the teas a dark color and a characteristic, more mellow flavor than green teas. Most black teas mix well with milk and/or sugar.
Our Blended Black Teas have been designed to allow both the natural flavor of the tea as well as the blending agent to surface. This delicate harmony results in an appealing beverage that will satisfy the most discerning palate.
Black teas can be enjoyed throughout the day. Most are excellent served chilled as well as hot.


Darjeeling - India
The queen of teas. Delicate and refreshing with nuanced floral characters, Darjeeling is one of the world’s most celebrated teas. Ours comes from the second flush of the Makaibari Tea Estate, a very special biodynamic and organic garden perched amidst the cool foothills of the Himalayas. It’s a beautifully balanced cup with aromas of red cherry and a lovely zesty finish. Try it on its own to appreciate the full spectrum of flavors.

Agung BOP - Java, Indonesia
Our signature Agung BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) is a single-estate black tea from one of the most highly regarded gardens in Indonesia. Grown in a cool, mountainous region roughly 1500 meters above sea level, the leaves yield a naturally robust cup with a bright astringency and subtle spicy undertones. Versatile enough to be enjoyed on its own or with a dash of milk and/or sweetener.

Agung CTC - Java, Indonesia
Strong, earthy and full-bodied, our Agung CTC is produced using the ‘crush, tear, curl’ (CTC) method to extract more juices from the leaves during production. Made with high-grown tea leaves from a single garden, it infuses into a ruby-colored cup with a consistent and bold flavor profile. Try it with milk and sugar or enjoy it solo.

English Breakfast
A classic breakfast tea with a strong, bright character and rich, satisfying finish. A blend of select tea leaves, our English Breakfast pairs perfectly with a morning meal or afternoon tea. Enjoy it with milk and sugar or on its own.

Majestic Black - Java, Indonesia
As bright and vivacious as a summer’s day! Produced by one of Indonesia’s premier organic tea gardens, this is a whole leaf tea of exceptional quality. It infuses into a zesty, lemon-colored cup with notes of ripe passionfruit and mango on the finish. Serve on its own to fully appreciate the nuanced flavor profile.


Cinnamon Black - Indonesia
Spicy, aromatic and smooth, our Cinnamon Black is a blend of premium Indonesian black tea and Bali-grown cinnamon. Pure cinnamon pieces create the natural sweet-spice flavor, the perfect complement to the bold, malty characters of the tea. Enjoy on its own or with milk and sugar.

Earl Grey - Indonesia
A timeless classic with a history dating back to the 19th century. Traditionally infused with bergamot oil from the rind of Spanish oranges, Earl Grey is the world’s most popular tea. Our local take is a blend of organic black tea from Java and nature identical bergamot flavoring. The resulting brew is wonderfully aromatic, with a bright, clean flavor and refreshing citrus tang.

Ginger Black - Indonesia
An all-time Dharma favorite. Our Ginger Black is a soothing infusion of single-origin black tea from Java and Bali-grown ginger. Unlike other producers, we use real pieces of pure dried ginger for a subtle and 100% natural flavor. With or without milk, it yields a beautifully balanced cup with an alluring hint of sweet spice.

Lemongrass Black - Indonesia
A serendipitous blend of premium Indonesian black tea and Bali-grown botanicals. Our Lemongrass Black contains pieces of pure lemongrass and ginger to balance the medium-bodied brew with a pleasing citrus tang. Drink it hot or serve it over ice for a refreshing afternoon beverage.

Dharma’s Original Chai - Indonesia
Our take on India’s much-loved Masala Chai is an aromatic blend of premium Indonesian black tea and 100% Bali-grown spices. Like traditional chai, we use real pieces of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves to create a warming cup with a mellow sweet-spice finish. Serve with whole milk and sugar for the most authentic taste.